Multimedia, #Linkedin and you

Ok you probably thought I was desperate posting names of other social media platforms in yesterday’s blog.

Not really. The point I want to make today, drawing on yesterday’s blog posting, is this:







Am I screaming? Well, yes. Ahem WELL, YES!

Now the whys:

  1. when humans hear, they recall better than when they read, and best when they see and hear
  2. we 21st century attention-deficit humans also need to see and hear the material multiple times to really make an impression
  3. it’s easy to record audio and video these days with our smartphones and other tools
  4. it’s even easier to upload what you created in 3. above to social media, especially LinkedIn. And yesterday I gave you 9 new social media platforms to play with.
  5. when you add multimedia to your LinkedIn Summary and Experience sections, you add more interest and curiosity in the mind of the reader than the profile of the next competitor. That’s good for your brand, especially when the reinforcement tells the right story.

Not comfortable with recording a podcast or video? Ask me for a referral to a great colleague.

Do I need to convince you any further?


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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