What I learned at the nonprofit conference that may help everyone

I attended a leadership conference targeted at nonprofits yesterday and found, as usual, there is always some new things to learn, no matter your industry.

Onsocialmediacubee session had to do with social media. While overly broad and dense with too much material to absorb in 90 minutes (why I usually shun these in the first place), I did pick up names of new variations on social media that I will try.

Disappointingly, the speaker largely ignored LinkedIn, not because of lack of expertise, but certainly for lack of time! Perhaps next year the conference will realize that a session dedicated to just LinkedIn for nonprofits is in order.

I have not had a chance to research these but perhaps you have some comments on one or more that you want to share:

  • flipagram: makes video from pictures
  • animoto: makes animated videos from photos
  • slidagram: makes a slideshow from pictures
  • canva: easy online website design software
  • piktochat: software that makes infographics
  • info.gram: makes animated infographics
  • picmonkey: overlays words on and around your photos
  • bufferapp: analyzes the time that your followers and connections are on social media so you can post at the best time to get their attention
  • Yelp will pay for shooting a video at your nonprofit in exchange for your agency appearing on Yelp (I am sure there is a monthly fee or other trade-off!)

Ok so that’s my brain dump from the conference.

I hope you can find something interesting here.

I know I will try at least 3 or 4 of them later this week.

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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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