It’s Not Easy Being “Responsible” or “Strategic”

LinkedIn has identified the top “buzzwords” used in LinkedIn personal profiles across the globe in 2013.


There are 10 or so words that are most used.

Is that a bad thing?

The article seems to pin negative connotation on words like

  • responsible
  • strategic
  • creative
  • effective

I beg to differ with their implying that well-used descriptors are not effective.

Using words like overused and cliché in this infographic is not very

  • responsible
  • strategic
  • creative
  • effective

of them.

So if you are any of these,  do say so, proudly. Be prepared to say why you are these descriptors. And more.

And who cares if they are overused?

Maybe there are a lot of

  • responsible
  • strategic
  • creative
  • effective

professionals in the world. That’s not a bad thing.


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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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